BMW i8 Style Ride On Car For Kids With Butterfly Doors and Remote Control

Today we are going to represent you BMW i8 power wheel, which is considered to be a perfect mean to organize a ride in the garden or along the park paths. This sample looks like an adult one, and that is the reason, why it is appreciated by small drivers both by boys and by girls.

It should be mentioned that BMW i8 kid car is equipped with 12V motor, which is believed to be rather powerful. 12V/7AH Battery is rechargeable, that is why you will be able to use it for a long time. According to the manufacturers’ points of view, it is possible to ride on this wheel for about 2 hours without recharging it again.

Surprise!!! Nowadays this model is represented in four shades, that it why you can always choose something special for your kid’s taste.

The technical characteristics are also rather convenient. First of all we should mentioned, that the car has 1 contemporary seat and a fixable seat-belt, which allow you to organize a safe and rather reliable BMW i8 ride on car for your son or daughter. The doors are lockable, but the toddler will be able to open them easily without any problems any time he/she wants to do it.

Are you ready to add some fun to the kids’ riding? – A loud speaker as well as MP3 player panel will help you a lot. They allow listening to music, favorite songs or rhymes while driving his/her favorite car.

This model BMW ride on car is considered to be a totally safe battery power car. Would you like to know why we are so sure about this? - The matter is that, despite the fact that the contemporary parents are always worried about their kids, in this case you can be quite calm. – The remote control system will help you to organize the movement of your child properly. As soon as you son or daughter will be ready for independent driving he/she will be able to start the car just with the help of a single foot pedal. It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the manufacturers’ skills every detail has a terrific appearance, which will be appreciated both by children as well as by their parents.

You see, the car is created from special plastic of ECO ABC group, which simultaneously mean that the high quality of production is guaranteed. This model also has the equipment, which allows simulating rather realistic engine and horn sounds. These features in combination with very bright and saturated colors will definitely turn the ride into a great fun.

Also we can’t but mention about one special thing, which makes the driving especially interesting. Turn your bright LED lights and they will turn your walking into real adventure. It seems like even an adult will be jealous!

Contemporary parents pay much attention to the high quality of the materials. They should be eco-friendly, of course. But every child in his/her turn dreams about own car. BMW i8 ride on car is a perfect combination of two aims. By the way, according to the psychologists and experienced parents’ point of view, these rides are very useful for the child’s development. Why? – The matter is that they will show the kid the basic rules of safe driving and teach him/her how to be responsible.

Adding this special toy to your shopping list, you won’t definitely miss the chance to make an amazing gift.

Pay attention to the fact that BMW i8 is suitable for only one driver of 2-6 years old.

The car is delivered unassembled, but it doesn’t seem to be a great problem. You will need not more than 15 minutes to get it ready. Frankly speaking, you have not much to do. – Just put four wheels together with the car body and connect the battery after that. Don’t forget to remove the special white cover from the cable. This will allow you car to start the engine.

All the necessary stickers come with car. Put them on and charge you toy. When the BMW i8 is full, teach a kid to start the engine and to drive properly. It will definitely be a great fun.

The system of remote control will help you and your child at the very beginning.

This model has been elaborated not only as a perfect toy for the enjoyment, but also as a terrific simulator, which will make a boy or a girl more responsible from the very beginning. This is really a perfect gadget for those, who are going to create the atmosphere of real adult driving for the children.

Despite the fact that the model has front and reverse speed, it is considered to absolutely safe for the children.

The dimensions of the car (42/22/14") are relatively modest. But this is for a good reason, as you will be able to keep it inside the house or even in the apartment. Its compact size allows to grab it for a walk without any problems. During the cold season you can even disassemble your toy and store in the closet.

The average cost of this model ranges between 300 - 400 USD. As the price is not high, it may be suitable for almost any parent.

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