Ride On Range Rover Evoque Review

Range Rover Power Wheel is known well for its amazingly realistic appearance. It is an exclusive innovation for recreational riding for your children of 2-5 years old. With its help you will be able to organize the perfect leisure activity during the walks in the garden or along the park paths!

range rover power wheel

We should obligatory mentioned that this kids Range Rover is equipped according to the latest technologies. It has a lot of advantages compared with other models.

First of all it is a real car with rather detailed wheels, open doors and automatic transmission. But it is pretty small and compact (50x23x16"), which allows you to store a sample at home.

kids range rover

Its weight of 44lbs is a perfect idea for those, who want to move the toy easily. Your children will acquire the basic skills of safe and comfortable driving. The contemporary parenting remote controller will help a lot at the very beginning.

But would you like to know why this model is so popular nowadays? Why is Range Rover for kids so special? No? – We will explain you then.

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that its appearance repeats not only the general outline. It is extremely similar to the real car even in the details. Why? - The matter is that it is considered to be a licensed copy with all the required mirrors, working front and rear lights.

range rover for kids

This electric vehicle is made of impact resistant ABC plastic. On the top there is a special protective layer that prevents not only fading but also the appearance of scratches during the constant using. The specialists guarantee original car paint job.

This device is equipped with four-wheel drive system with front amortization and deep tread, providing a high degree of adhesion to the road surface. It allows your son or daughter to ride without sliding effect even along wet roads. But don't forget about fixable seat-belt, please.

electric ride on cars

As the model has been exclusively detailed, its wheels are equipped with a very beautiful illumination. By the way, they can also be easily removed and set again without any problems with the help of special basic push-button mechanism, which is considered to be perfect for latching without the use of bolts and any manual tools.

These cars have been designed for one child riding. The leather seat is rather convenient and is considered to be quite safe for the kids' backs. This model is equipped with reliable leg length control system, which is represented by special belts five-point fixing.

Electric car is powered by a high-capacity 12 V/ 7AH rechargeable battery. The charging is performed with the help of the original charger that is included. The average run time is up to 2 hours. And mind, please, that the specialists do not recommend to charge the battery for more than 4 hours.

range rover with remote control

2 x 6V 25 Watt motors allow the car to reach the minimum speeds of 4 km/h and a maximum of 7 km / h. It sounds terrific, isn't it? - But don't worry, Range Rover with remote control is really rather safe. By the way, this model is able to move both forward and backward, turn left and right. 

Well, of course, the additional features are rather important. They are specially designed to entertain the baby on the trip. Of course, there are also horn and engine sounds available, MPX aux, Foot pedal and speaker, LED lights as well as the front panel lamps.

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