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general manager speech

god tai sang feng-sheng ji
after ups and downs, has made remarkable achievements
god thailand to keep up the pace
aiming at the international level, rapid and healthy growth
god thailand based on the development and production of special equipment of high performance fiber
continue beyond the self, his aim was to do the industry pioneer
face to give us endless trust and the forward momentum of friendly customers.
god thailand is always pregnant with gratitude
repay them with a sincere business contacts and good after-care services
face to give business partners, we support multi-
god thailand has always reported a modest study of the heart
return them to the constantly rising performance
the face of the team partners through thick and thin, and our common struggle
god thailand has always been reported that the love of the heart
return them to the warmth of the house of god thailand and their career achievements
god thailand is determined to do first-class career
will attract more business partners
god thailand need more people to help, but also to help more people
also need to thank more people!

chairman and general manager: zixian guo

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