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technology center

jiangsu shenhe technology development co., ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, jiangsu province private technology enterprises, jiangsu province innovation enterprise, national postdoctoral research station, jiangsu province graduate workstations, jiangsu province high strength high modulus polyethylene fiber equipment engineering technology research center, jiangsu province enterprise technology center, the national high performance fiber professional committee, china chemical fiber association executive director of the unit, china textile machinery association member units, jiangsu province textile engineering society member units. a total of 282 employees, including college education 116, with 69 senior titles, engaged in high-tech research and development of technical staff of 35. with the professional level and mature technology in the field of high-performance fiber production equipment, the company has become the only one in china to provide ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber engineering design, complete sets of equipment manufacturing, installation and installation of high performance fiber engineering technology and special equipment manufacturing, commissioning drive, personnel training one-stop technical services business.

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