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postdoctoral workstation


      our company on march 14, 2009 by the jiangsu provincial personnel bureau approved the establishment of jiangsu shenhe technology development co., ltd. post-doctoral innovation practice base, to achieve the establishment of provincial-level enterprises at the provincial level post-doctoral innovation practice base zero breakthrough; 2015 approved the establishment of national postdoctoral research station, the establishment of post-doctoral research station for enterprise training, use and attract high-level professional and technical personnel, and promote enterprise technology innovation system has played a positive role in promoting. in addition, it also provides a broader platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to enhance the corporate brand image and enterprise technological innovation capability, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises have a positive and far-reaching impact.

i will seriously implement the spirit of the implementation of higher documents, the implementation of the state and our province on the post-doctoral work of the policy and management system, and effectively strengthen the provincial post-doctoral research station construction, the overall economic construction as a post-doctoral research station construction starting point and foothold , to promote post-doctoral work and security growth, security development, promote independent innovation and organic combination, to promote economic development and scientific and technological progress to make greater contributions.


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