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technology to build brand

    jiangsu holy crane technology development co., ltd. (formerly jiangsu shentai technology development co., ltd.) is located in the beautiful "oriental wetland capital", "china red-crowned crane township" - yancheng, located in yancheng national high-tech industrial park, in 1999, the main products include: carbon fiber, high strength and ......

    the company has been pursuing a "quality of survival, to the credibility of development," the quality policy, the implementation of brand strategy, take independent research and development, production and research with the road of scientific and technological innovation. innovation not only to my business has brought......

    for workers to create a good working environment for users to provide high-quality services;
    and suppliers to establish a good relationship of cooperation;
    on the local, social and make due contributions;
    unity and dedication to the pursuit of excellence, people - oriented integrity and pragmatic。

    1、create a chinese brand, win the world boutique, honesty, mutual benefit, improve themselves, meet the challenges, the courage to forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, we can not great, but we can not be excellent。
    2、respect for people, dedication, respect for science, quality, efficiency, and strive for excellence......

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