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i visited the company side xiaoping, china chemical fiber industry association -九游会ag

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   the afternoon of march 13, 2011, god thailand, jiangsu science and technology development co., ltd. china chemical fiber industry association, to end xiaoping visited the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber technology and r & d equipment, salt party secretary li chuntao, deputy head of thefeng ming, india and other government leaders and the chairman of an inquiry accompanied.
   china chemical fiber industry association was established on march 5, 1993, and has a membership of nearly 400, mainly by national chemical fiber and related enterprises constitute the authority of the department of chemical fiber industry, our company is member of the executive director of the chemical fiber association, the national high performance fiber member of the professional committee. the end of the president visited the company's high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber outfit production and r & d center equipped to give a high rating and fully affirmed the company's r & d hardware facilities and software talents. subsequently, in the conference room to listen to the chairman of an inquiry report on the situation developed in recent years, the end of the president praised the contribution made by the company for complete sets of equipment of high performance fiber, followed by chemical fiber industry association, the enterprise the development of a series of recommendations, and hope that my company bigger and stronger in the high-performance fiber industry.

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