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secretary zhao inspections focus on innovative enterprises -九游会ag

[date:11-05-20] [hot:] [author:admin]
   in the morning of may 19, 2011, yancheng city people's congress, the party secretary zhao and his party investigated the research the yancheng focus on innovation-oriented enterprises, once again came to the district li chuntao secretary, accompanied by god thailand, jiangsu science and technology development co., ltd..
   chairman of inquiry into focus the last stage of the r & d results achieved and the first half of the production and operation, report to zhao shuji. zhao shuji learned that my company has signed a 170 million yuan contract in may, highly praised the brilliant results achieved by the company developed complete sets of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber technology to promote the industrialization, and asked me to seize the opportunity, redouble their efforts, and strive to companies listed as soon as possible.

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